How to grow chia seeds

by Jes @SnackFirst on Oct 24, 2017

How to grow chia seeds

The Superfood of the century!

Black chia seeds require no introduction from us because most of you have already heard of its super healthy label. Antioxidants, fiber, protein, Omega 3.... you name it, it has every nutrients. What many of you do not know, is how to grow chia seeds.

Chia seeds are indeed quite easy to grow, you can even grow them at home. Within 7 days, you will be able to see some chia sprouts. What you need is just some space, a clay pot and a clear plate.

Follow the instructions on this website and it does look easy to me. Even the chia sprouts can be eaten, which is why more and more people are growing them on their own. They do need the right amount of water and sunshine so success will not be so straightforward. 

Commercially, chia seeds are grown in Latin America countries, Mexico and also Australia. In Singapore, most of our chia seeds are from Bolivia. For centuries, they have been enjoyed by Mexicans and Latinos as a staple and energy food. The Mayans and Aztecs eat them for energy and endurance too. It was only recently they have been highly promoted as a superfood.

A chia plant can grow to be as tall as an adult. The harvest happens twice a year The easiest way to harvest the plants is to wait for the flowers to drop off and pick at them. Crushing the dried plants will loosen the seeds, thereby giving you chia seeds.Luckily, they do not have sharp or thorny parts so one can safely crush them and free the seeds.

Chia leaves have some essential oils that have natural repellant properties against insects, so they are suitable for organic cultivation. After sifting through the debris and separating the seeds, and it's ready for consumption! 

The question that we often get is, what is the difference between black, white and red chia seeds? 

There is absolutely no difference, as confirmed by the farmers in Australia. The most popular grade in Singapore is the black chia seeds, it is also the cheapest. Since all the colours have the same nutrition, kind of like M&Ms, you can just choose whichever is available.

Now you know so much more about chia seeds. Add them into your drinks, soup, yoghurt, oat, granola, cereal and you can boost the health benefits easily. Try these odourless yet nutritional chia seeds today!

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