Introducing granola and its benefits

by Jes @SnackFirst on Mar 23, 2017

Introducing granola and its benefits

I fell in love with granola which is extremely popular in USA and I ate it every day when I was travelling there. Granola is definitely a healthy snack because the main ingredient is rolled oats which is a whole grain cereal and have high dietary fiber to aid in digestion.

Invented in Switzerland as muesli but popularized in New York as a breakfast cereal, the standard American breakfast in the 1800s was the big breakfast style - with 2 eggs, bacon, ham, toast and hotdogs. Granola was sought after due to the low preparation time and it was versatile to be mixed with other dried fruits and nuts. 

Usually, you will eat it with milk, and add some fruits, nuts, seeds and our Salad Toppings Medley for enhanced nutrition. Coffee, milo, milk tea, chocolate milk can also work just fine. That's for breakfast. For snack time, you can eat it with yoghurt or salad. You can also add some fresh fruits to increase the nutritional content.

I came back and started looking around for healthy granola and found shocking amount of sugar in store brands granola. The store brands are so sweet that I can't even taste my milk, it's all just artificial taste. Plus, I wanted something freshly baked, preferably homemade and we managed to find a good source through our baking partners!

We only have 2 flavours currently but I assure you they are sufficient to brighten up your mornings! They are especially crunchy, less sweet, no preservatives or artificial ingredients and most importantly, freshly baked every day. Oh yes, almost forgot to mention that they are made with dairy and gluten free ingredients, definitely a plant based snack.

Our 2 flavours:

1) Cinnamon Pecans Granola

Topped up with crunchy baked pecans, sliced almonds and also some sweet cranberries, you may not notice the cacao nibs and chia seeds health foods that are also incorporated! 

2) Chocolate Banana Granola

Topped up with banana crackers which are crunchy chips made from real bananas, and also some naturally sweet raisins, it's especially refreshing and tasty! 

Granola is truly a healthy snack and an ideal complement to our nuts, seeds and dried fruits range. We can guarantee you will enjoy it better than what you have tasted previously! Try it now :)


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