Best nuts to boost brain health - Especially during exams!

by Jes @SnackFirst on Sep 26, 2017

Best nuts to boost brain health - Especially during exams!

With the exams season just right around the corner, don't you wish there is something you or your kids can take to boost their brain health? Improving your brain is essential to absorb information, retain them and not forget them the next second. If you can't even recall what you last ate, it's time to do something about it. 

Try these top nuts that have been proven to have special, brain boosting power:

1) Walnuts

Walnuts are scary. Scarily powerful. Besides the cancer fighting, delay aging and helps in weight loss properties, they can also help you to have better mental capabilities. Thanks to the super high concentration of DHA, which is an Omega-3 fatty acid that protects brain health, even for newborns. That is why formula milks are fortified with DHA. Even mothers who take DHA content regularly have smarter children, as one study shows. I believe the parents must take the lead in eating healthy in order for the children to follow. Just take 14 halves a day to get the required DHA amount.

2) Almonds

Almonds have been researched for many years to try to improve and help the cognitive functions in Alzheimer's patients. In the June 2010 issue of the "Indian Journal of Pharmacology", taking almonds for 14 days improved learning and memory and prevented amnesia. Almonds also created higher levels of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that increases attention span. It helps by lowering an enzyme that breaks acetylcholine down, thereby creating higher brain awareness. Researchers concluded that taking 23 almonds a day may unlock benefits to restoring memory and cognitive function in Alzheimer's patients.

3) Hazelnuts

Vitamin E has been highly touted as the nutrient to improve brain health. That is why hazelnuts are on this list. They have high amount of concentrate Vitamin E, which is also linked to prevent cognitive decline due to old age. Just take 20 hazelnuts to get sufficient amount of Vitamin E!

4) Pistachio 

Experts conclude that pistachio nuts may help to maintain high levels of essential fatty acids, which acts as an anti-inflammation function to the brain. Various studies have been done and these preliminary results indicate that consuming 49 pistachio nuts daily may assist in preventing brain injury. That will be helpful in the long run.  

5) Macadamia

According to a study published in the August 2011, macadamia nuts are brain health boosters as they keep your blood pressure low and thereby, prevent the top debilitative illness, which is stroke. It also contains high levels of fatty acids that protects and insulates the neuro nerves. This means that eating 11 macadamia regularly is important to protect, maintain and improve cognitive functions and development. 

Besides playing more puzzles and exercising your brain frequently, your diet will play a part in boosting your mental health. You are what you eat so you should definitely eat healthy. Not just that, keeping yourself happy and healthy is important too. 

Remember this information and don't forget! =P


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