Are artificial colours unhealthy?

by Jes @SnackFirst on Jun 01, 2017

Are artificial colours unhealthy?

We wanted to source for other snacks that are tasty but not as healthy as nuts, seeds, dried fruits and granola. This is to cater for different groups of people and taste buds. However, most of the snacks that are popular have artificial colours . We decide to investigate further if these additional ingredients are damaging to our health. Let's take a look.

The food colouring make the food more appetising especially to kids. Bright colours make people think that the food is fresher and tastier. Without these colours, nobody might even want to buy those snacks! The European Union stipulates that all manufacturers have to put a warning label on these artificial ingredients. USA on the other hand, continues to create new colours and is one of the biggest producers for them.

It has been found that artificial colours may cause cancer, tumours, allergy, hyperactivity, even behavioural and attention problems in kids. However, FDA maintains that there is a safe dosage level and has not issued any warnings on them.

If you are still worried, you can let your kids only nuts, seeds, dried fruits and granola. All of them are made with natural ingredients and these healthy snacks can be consumed every day.

Some biscuits do contain artificial colours and our product lpage has clearly stated them so parents can make informed decisions. These snacks should only be occasional indulgence and during moments of celebrations. Try to limit the amount but you have to admit it's really difficult to exclude these tasty snacks from your life. M&Ms, Pringles, Fruit loops and iced gem biscuits are ubiquitous and oh-so-tasty. Yes, you are right, all of them contain artificial colours!

If the FDA is still remaining quiet over these issues, I guess artificial colours will still be here to stay.


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