5 food proven to boost breast milk supply

by Jes @SnackFirst on Jul 06, 2017

5 food proven to boost breast milk supply

I am lucky to have a good supply of lactation during my post partum days and people kept asking me what my diet was to maintain the supply. These are some of the proven food that will aid in breast milk production:

1) Salmon

Sashimi time! Most pregnant mums would avoid raw food but during confinement, a deprived woman would be out eating lots of raw salmon. Sashimi party anyone? Salmon is also very versatile in terms of cooking methods. Besides eating them raw, you can pan fry, bake and even steam them. Not just that, there are lots of sauces to go with salmon like mushroom sauce, black pepper sauce, lemon or orange sauce, and even cheese sauce. Just so many delicious ways to take them!

2) Papaya, apricots and avocado

Don't believe me, read this article from Momjunction. Papaya has always been known to boost your chest and apricots also give you high iron content. Avocado has high calcium content, definitely a good source of healthy fats for a healthy heart! What I am surprised is that strawberries, blueberries, banana, rock melon and even chikoo are on the list too!

3) Cashew, almonds, macadamia

Some mothers are worried that eating nuts may cause allergies in their babies but that has been proven to be unfounded. The unsaturated fat in these nuts enhances the richness of your breast milk. Cashew, almond and macadamia nuts are found to be especially helpful in increasing milk supply so do take a handful everyday. 

4) Milk, yogurt, cheese

If you need milk, drink more milk. It's quite straight forward and is better than red dates soup in terms of breast milk supply. Top them up with some oats or fruits for improved nutrition. Eat a balanced diet with dairy products and you are likely to be fine. 

5) Fenugreek and sesame seeds

Fenugreek seeds are known to boost lactation and you can consume them by adding into a glass of milk or into your salad. Black sesame seeds are also high in calcium too. 

If all else fails, calcium pills might help. Some of you might have to wait some time before the supply of milk kicks in, so do be patient and just continue to eat right. Don't forget to hydrate more too!

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