Organic Cacao Nibs (Raw/Sweetened) 200g/1kg 可可碎粒

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Flavour: Organic Raw
Organic Raw
Organic Sweetened
Weight: 200g
500g x 2 bags
RM27.00 MYR RM33.00 MYR
Tax included.
Product description

Cacao nibs are superfoods as they are full of antioxidants yet low in sugar.

They are made from crushed cacao beans and taste somewhat like bitter dark chocolate with the fragrant aroma of coffee. Raw or sweetened version can be taken directly as snacks. The sweetened version is not as sweet as normal chocolates but it is more palatable if you are trying for the first time. Some ways to enjoy them include adding it into smoothies, coffee, granola, cereal, cookies and salads. 

Unsweetened/Raw version ingredients: Organic raw cacao nibs only. Country of origin: Indonesia

Sweetened version ingredients: Organic raw cacao nibs, coconut sugar, pink Himalayan rock salt. Country of origin: Singapore

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