Unique Hibiscus 200g/1kg 独特芙蓉花

$8.90 – $25.90

500g x 2 bags500g x 2 bags

We do not know anyone who has eaten flowers. 

We have not either, until we tried these dried hibiscus flowers. They are also known as roselle flowers but what is fascinating about it is the taste! They are tart and tangy, resembling a cranberry with its sour notes and hints of sweetness. The texture is akin to a slightly crispier piece of dehydrated fruit leather: a bit chewy yet dense and compact. Instead of giving your loved ones real flowers which dry up too easily, try these flowers that give them a hint of summer without being in the fields. They look pretty too!

 Ingredients:  Hibiscus, sugar, sunflower oil, sulphur dioxide

Country of origin: Turkey



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