Tasty Chocolate Wafers 115g/3.5kg 巧克力味薄饼

Tasty Chocolate Wafers 100g/500g 巧克力味薄饼

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Weight: 100g
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Product description

Chocolate tastes good in all sorts of snacks. But this classic wafer is still a hot favourite among kids. Yes, they are not rare or unique but they just taste good. So good that every time I see them, I will buy them to satisfy my craving. The crunchiness and chocolatey flavours never fail to perk me up and bring me back to younger days!

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, tapioca, shortening (contains BHA), vegetable oil, dextrose, cocoa powder, malt, milk powder, salt, aritificial flavour (chocolate, vanilla), E500, E503 leavening agent

Country of origin: Indonesia