Snackanoodles Crackers 150g/600g 鸡汤面脆饼

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Weight: 150g
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Product description

This wavy crackers took us by surprise! 

It's tasty and addictive, somewhat like fried noodles with chicken seasoning, except this is crunchier and thinner. Super good to munch, which is unexpected if you are judging the appearance itself. This unique shape makes us think of noodles and doodles, creating a special name for it. Try these, you will not regret it!

Ingredients: Wheat flour, palm olein, corn starch, modified tapioca starch, soya sauce, soya sauce seasoning, hydrolyzed soy protein, salt, yeast extract, sugar, permitted flavour enhancer (E621, E631, E627)

Country of origin: Malaysia

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