Raspberry Dark Chocolate Almonds 200g/1kg 山莓巧克力杏仁

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Weight: 200g
500g x 2 bags
Flavour: Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
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Product description

40% of the world's almonds are bought by chocolate manufacturers for precisely this reason, to make almonds coated with chocolates! 

These decadent and sinful delights are worth the calories simply because the rich and sweet raspberry chocolates go so well with the crunchy, savoury almonds within. Dipped in 60% dark chocolate that are ethically sourced and Rainforest Alliance certified, rest assured our chocolates are healthy and rich with a high ratio of chocolates to almonds. This flavour is definitely one of the hot favourites! 

Ingredients: Sugar, Vegetable Oils (Palm & Palm Kernel, Sunflower), Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Milk Solids, Raspberry Puree, Apple Puree, Pineapple Fiber, Citric Acid, Gelling Agent (401), Stabiliser (341), Natural Colour (163), Wheat Starch, Milk Proteins, Marscapone Cheese Powder, Emulsifier (Lecithins (Soy, Sunflower)), Coffee, Dextrose

Country of origin: New Zealand

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