Cold Brew Black Coffee 200ml can (Minor Figures Nitro)

$11.90 – $18.90

2 cans2 cans
4 cans4 cans

Minor Figures is a UK-based brand known for making plant-based, carbon neutral, and barista standard coffee products. They roast, grind and brew at the microbrewery for over 18 hours. And the result? A naturally sweet, super refreshing black coffee.

Seasonal, single-origin coffee. Straight up. We like this one on the go when you're craving a bold, hard-hitter to liven things up, but is equally enjoyed smooth and slow thanks to the naturally sweet flavour profile and light, nitro-infused texture.

Ingredients: 100% Cold Brew Coffee (filtered water, arabica coffee)

Coffee origin: Ethiopia, Sidamo

Varietal: Mixed Heirloom Brewed in London. Shelf life minimum 2 months.

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