Yuan Man Mooncakes + Worthy Cookies Gift Box (Mid Autumn Festival 2023) 中秋圆满月饼坚果礼盒

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It's the Mooncake Festival once again, time to party, time to feast!

If you are someone who prefers better quality snacks and mooncake, yet not want to pay for exorbitant and wasteful packaging, then these snack boxes are for you! Our boxes Alternatively, just buy the mooncakes as an ala-carte option!

The ideal gift is when you can choose your preferred flavour and snacks. Best of all, it's free shipping directly to the doorstep! 



Worthy Cookies

Yuan Yuan Gift Box


Choose 2 Choose 1

Yuan Man Gift Box


Choose 4 Choose 2

Man Man Gift Box


(Fixed Flavours)

Macadamia with Lotus Paste

Mixed Nuts With Chicken Ham

Worthy Pistachio Berry Biscotti

Worthy Macadamia Cookies


Low Sugar Flavours


Macadamia With Lotus Paste


Flour, Peanut oil, Mooncake syrup, White Lotus Paste, Macadamia Nuts and Egg (Best Before 13 Oct 2023) 

Mixed Nuts With Chicken Ham


Flour, Peanut oil, Mooncake syrup, Melon seeds, Chicken Ham, Macadamia Nuts, Dried Oranges, Walnuts, Almonds, Sesame, Winter melon and Eggs (Best Before 1Oct 2023

Pine Nuts with Coffee Green Bean


Flour, Peanut oil, Mooncake syrup, Coffee Green Bean Paste, Pine Nuts and Egg (Best Before 13 Oct 2023) 

Melon Seeds with Sesame Paste (Non Nut)


Flour, Peanut oil, Mooncake syrup, Melon Seeds, Black Sesame Paste and Egg (Best Before 1Oct 2023


All Made in Singapore. For Worthy Cookies, please see collection here.

For individual moon cakes listing, please click on this Less Sweet Nutty Mooncakes listing

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