Mala Madness Medley 200g/1kg 麻辣混合

$9.90 – $32.90

500g x 2 bags500g x 2 bags

Your favourite mala hotpot flavour is now transformed into a snack package!

Introducing our Mala Madness, which is a mix of peanuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds! The peanuts are coated with the fiery, hot flavour. The seeds are coated before adding the spicy blaze of the chilli kick. The seeds enhance the sweet and saltiness, yet provided a much needed crunch and texture. All in all, a definite solution to kickstart a day and numb your senses! Don't say we did not warn you, they are really addictive!

 Ingredient: Peanuts, sunflower and pumpkin seed kernels, wheat flour, sugar, seasoning (garlic, chilli, lactose, paprika extract (E160c), curcumin (E100i), tartrazine (E102), shallot, soybeans, milk, sunset yellow FCF (E110), bixin (E160b), caramel (E150a)), vegetable oil and salt

Country of origin: Singapore