Mala Cajun Sunflower Seeds 200g/1kg 麻辣味葵花籽仁

$8.90 – $28.90

500g x 2 bags500g x 2 bags

(Previously known as Spicy BBQ Sunkissed Sunflower seeds)

Imagine a bed of gorgeous sunflowers basking in the sunlight, swaying with the breeze and enjoying every moment of it! That helps us to understand why these unprocessed sunflower seeds contains so much natural goodness and especially high on antioxidants.

For those who likes some taste in seeds, do try our Mala flavoured sunflower seeds. They are great to enhance plain old congee, yoghurt or salads. Taken on its own, they give an spicy intense flavour that packs a punch!

 Ingredient: Sunflower kernels, wheat flour, sugar, seasoning (chilli, chives, lime, curcumin (E100i), tartrazine (E102), sunset yellow FCF (E110), bixin (E160b)) and salt

Country of origin: Malaysia