Fragrant Durian Wafers 115g/3.5kg 榴莲薄饼

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Durians - King of fruits with an overbearing smell but with such an unforgettable creamy, smooth texture. 

Most of us love it, but if you hate it, the solution is to eat more. The other solution is to eat these durian wafers instead. They have the durian flavours without any of the overbearing smell. This is such a unique flavour and is definitely a good snack to entertain your overseas guests!

Halal certified

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, shortening (contains BHA), tapioca, vegetable oil, dextrose, full cream milk powder, salt, artificial flavour (durian, vanilla), E500, E503 leavening agent, E102 food colour

Country of origin: Indonesia


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