Flying Burger Balls Medley (Flying Fish, Burger Iced Gem, Baby Balls) 150g/600g 饼干混合

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Weight: 150g
Flavour: Biscuits
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Product description

Flying burgers and flying balls? Not common definitely.

The first of it's kind, you will not see this mix anywhere else! We created this unique biscuits mix that is aesthetically pleasing and super addictive. By putting the top sellers for our old school biscuits together, you get the crunch and taste for all 3 flavours and it's fun to snack them everywhere. Try them now! 

 Ingredients: Wheat flour, potato starch, palm oil, sugar, salt, egg, full cream and skimmed milk powder, leavening (ammonium carbonate), glucose syrup, corn starch, honey, permitted potato and butter flavours, corn syrup, soy bean lecithin, sweetener (lactose, sucrose, maltol), artificial food flavours, food colours (E102, E133, E127)

 Country of origin: Singapore


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