Crispy Fish Skin (Original/Salted Egg) 180g (CNY Specials) 炸鱼皮(原味/咸蛋)

$14.90 – $19.90

Original Crispy (180g in plastic bottle)Original Crispy (180g in plastic bottle)
Salted Egg (180g in plastic bottle)Salted Egg (180g in plastic bottle)
$19.90 $14.90

Fried fish skin continue to be an obsession around the world. Not many would take the skin when attached to the fish but making them into crackers turn them into truly addictive snacks!

Not just as snacks, people also dunk the original flavoured fish skin into stews and steamboat soups to enhance the flavour and texture! It's more than a trend, it has become a regular snack for all Singaporeans! 

Original crispy fish skin ingredients: Fish Skin, wheat flour, vegatable oil, pepper, salt, flavour enhancer (E621 Monosodium Glutamate)

Salted egg crispy fish skin ingredients: Fish skin, salty egg yolks, vegetable oil

Country of origin: Malaysia



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