Chinese New Year CNY Prosperity Snack Box 2021




Chinese New Year means lots of gatherings, and the perfect time to snack! We have the best mix of Chinese New Year goodies for everyone. Now you don't have to worry over squeezing with the crowd and yet not able to find the tastiest snacks. We tested over a dozen sources just to shortlist the most delicious goodies! Best of all, it's free shipping 😁

The CNY Prosperity gift box has a size of 29.5*23.5*9cm and is a sleeve box that is pushed out sideways. There are 5 bottles (100g to 200g) included in the box and you can mix and match from these 20 popular flavours.

Premium Nuts

Biscuits and Cookies

 Other items:

CNY Trinket Scented Sachet included
Paper bag Included (Same design as the box)
Customised card Included (Message can be printed)

All bundles come with a corresponding paper bag with the same design on one side.


For CNY snacks in bags option, check out our CNY Huat Wealthy Snack Box 2021.

发啊!Huat ah!While stocks last!



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