Apple Chia Seeds Pastilles 150g/600g 苹果奇亞籽软果糕

$9.90 – $30.90

300g x 2 bags300g x 2 bags

Having trouble thinking of what to pack for your kids' lunch box? Not sure what snacks do kids take nowadays?

Introducing these pastilles that taste great like apple juice, and yet is slightly chewy and sweet like candies. Additionally there are blackcurrants and chia seeds added to boost the nutrition value. To be able to have healthy yet tasty snacks, both kids and parents will love these pastilles!  

Ingredients: Fruit (Concentrated Apple Puree (52%), Concentrated Apple Juice (36%), Blackcurrant Puree (6%), Concentrated Lemon Juice (0.5%)), Chia Seeds (3.0%), Citrus Fibre, Gelling Agent (Pectin)

Country of origin: New Zealand