Almonds + Cashews + Macadamia Nuts Bundle 3 x 200g Box 杏仁腰豆夏威夷果盒

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Flavour: Raw
Baked without salt
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Product description

Our top 3 favourite nuts bundled together so that we can enjoy them together! Almonds, cashews and macadamias are the most popular nuts in Singapore and now, you can choose whether you want them raw (unprocessed and with the most nutritional benefits), baked (crunchy and enhanced nutty flavour) or honey flavoured (sweet and sinfully addictive). 

Raw Nuts Bundle (Can be eaten directly as snacks) consists of

1) Creamy Macadamias (Raw) - Ingredients: Macadamias only. Country of origin: Australia

2) Diamond Almonds (Raw) - Ingredients: Almonds only. Country of origin: USA

3) Smiley Cashews (Raw) - Ingredients: Cashew nuts only. Country of origin: India

Baked Nuts Bundle (No salt) consists of

1) Creamy Baked Macadamias - Ingredients: Macadamias only. Country of origin: Malaysia

2) Diamond Baked Almonds - Ingredients: Almonds only. Country of origin: Malaysia

3) Smiley Baked Cashews - Ingredients: Cashew nuts only. Country of origin: Malaysia

Honey Nuts Bundle consists of

1) Honey Creamy Macadamias - Ingredients: Macadamias, cane sugar, corn flour, honey, salt, palm oil. Country of origin: Singapore

2) Honey Butter Almonds Ingredients: Almonds, honey, milk powder, brown sugar. Country of Origin: Malaysia

3) Honey Butter Cashews  - Ingredients: Cashew nuts, honey, glucose syrup, sesame, sugar, salt, palm oil. Country of origin: Malaysia

One flavour in one pack and the net weight of each packet is 200g.

For larger quantity and corporate orders, please refer to our Customised snack box listing, where you can choose different weights and variation. 

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