Subscription 3 x 200g x 6 boxes

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RM661.00 MYR
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Subscription 3 x 200g x 6 boxes

Subscription 3 x 200g x 6 boxes

RM661.00 MYR
Product description

We have been doing subscription for selected loyal customers and are seeing a trend for mystery snack box nowadays! If you love nuts and want us to arrange a box for you every now and then, this subscription is for you. 

What's in the subscription

3 x 200g of snacks per box 

6 boxes for $200 - You will be getting back at least $240 worth of snacks + surprise gifts and other promotional items!


You can choose how regular you want the snack box but the payment will be deducted upfront.


Let us know how you like your snacks and any exclusions so that we can tailor a box that you like! For example: If you tick only Healthy Unsalted Nuts - We will only prepare snacks from this category for you.


Nutritional Info