Spicy Belinjau Crackers 80g 辣味倪藤饼

Spicy Belinjau Crackers 80g 辣味倪藤饼

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Weight: 80g
Flavour: Spicy
RM23.00 MYR
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Product description

Real belinjau (also known as emping, empeng, melinjo, or belinjo) was used to make these chips and a small amount of chilli was added to make the belinjau flavourful. Real fans will like the hot and spicy taste together with the bitter after-taste of belinjau. Coupled with the crispy crunch, it's just not for everyone! 

*They crumble easily so it's best to buy at least 3 bags so we can upgrade you to a courier delivery.*

No MSG, trans-fat or preservatives used

Ingredients: Belinjau, chilli, salt, sugar, palm oil

Country of origin: Indonesia

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