Snack Party Platter (Coming Soon) 坚果派对拼盘
Snack Party Platter (Coming Soon) 坚果派对拼盘

Snack Party Platter (Coming Soon) 坚果派对拼盘

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Snack Platter: Biscuits Wonderland
Biscuits Wonderland
Nuts & Fruits Delight
Chocolate Decadence
Supreme Nuts Party
Custom Selections
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Product description

Snacking should always be fun so introducing our Snack Platters! 

These platters are great to munch as a family or at parties, and definitely a worthy sight for the eyes. Indulge in the variety and taste and feast together! 

These platters come in disposable trays of 25cm diameter. They will be shipped in a mailing box and snacks come sealed in bags so that they remain fresh till you are ready to snack on them. Weight for each variety is 100g to 150g for all snacks except biscuits, which will be 40g to 50g only due to the bulky nature. 


For individual snack boxes, please order here: Custom snack boxFor customised weight and flavours, do whatsapp us at 6684 1769 or email us at for more details. 

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