Bitter Belinjau Chips

Bitter Belinjau Crackers 90g 苦倪藤饼

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Weight: 90g
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Product description

Real belinjau (also known as emping, empeng, melinjo or belinjo) was used to make these chips and a small amount of salt was added to enhance the bitterness. These crispy belinjau chips do not seem like a real treat for people who try it only once, they are so bitter and make you cringe with its lingering after taste. However, fans of these chips like it precisely for the bitterness! In fact, the more bitter, the better!

*They crumble easily so it's best to buy at least 3 bags so we can upgrade you to a courier delivery.*

No MSG, trans-fat or preservatives used

Ingredients: Belinjau, palm oil, salt

Country of origin: Malaysia

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