It's amazing! These seeds are small but give you a huge boost in antioxidants, phosphorus, manganese and many more nutrients. Addictive treats at any time of the day. Add them in cereals, milk, oats and salads to enhance your meals. Eat them raw as they are the healthiest snacks you can find.

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      Tangy Lotus Seeds (Roasted) 200g/1kg 烤莲子

      Don't beat it till you have tried these lotus seeds! A hot favourite among wiser and seasoned travellers, there is a very good reason why. Robust, hearty and pack a punch, we sourced it all the way from agriculturally rich Vietnam.. chomp and champ and give it a try! No...

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      Halloween Pumpkin Seeds (Raw/Baked) 200g/1kg 南瓜子

      Do these pumpkin seeds taste like pumpkin? Not at all except for the slight sweetness with its bite. Eating these seeds raw is the most effective way to gain the super source of proteins and high amount of antioxidants. Alternatively, mix it with some salad or cereal for additional crunch and enjoy the...

      Shadow Black Beans (Roasted) 200g/1kg 烤黑豆

      We have no idea these freshly roasted black beans can be eaten as a snack as we usually use them in soups and cooking! Thanks to our reviewers' feedback, we brought them in and cannot believe it is so tasty. Caramelized exterior with a smooth texture, the best of both worlds with taste...

      Green Soybeans Edamame (Roasted) 200g/1kg 烤绿毛豆

      Everyone loves eating green beans and these roasted jumbo green beans are called edamame, typically found in Japanese cuisine. Caramelized exterior with a tinge of salt to enhance the flavours, the best of both worlds with taste and nutrition combined. Who says all snacks have to be unhealthy?  No MSG,...