BBQ Sunkissed Almonds 烧烤味杏仁 200g/1kg

$11.90 – $35.90

500g x 2 bags500g x 2 bags

I bet you have not tried any BBQ flavoured nuts before.

Yes, BBQ flavoured potato chips are everywhere but do you know how BBQ flavoured nuts taste like? Using the most popular almonds, we came up with BBQ almonds that is unique, tasty and crunchy, with the most distinctive smoked taste.

 Ingredients: Almonds, smoking seasoning (hydrolyzed vegetable protein), maltodextrin, soy sauce, corn starch, onion, garlic, nutmeg, paprika, thickening agent (E414), emulsifier (E471), flavour enhancer (E627, E631), acidity regulatory (E330), anti-caking agent (E460i), colouring (E150c), palm oil, sugar, salt

Country of origin: Singapore

 Rich source of Vitamin E, Manganese, Vitamin B2, Magnesium, Phosphorus*

*Rich source is defined as more than 50% of daily allowance in 120g as specified by AVA. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects body from toxins. Manganese boosts bone structure and metabolic activity. Vitamin B2 is involved in energy metabolism. Magnesium is needed to have higher energy level and muscle functions. Phosphorus is necessary for higher energy level and stronger bones and teeth. Nutrition content taken from USDA Food Composition Databases. 


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