Abalone Creamy Macadamia 200g/1kg 鲍鱼味夏威夷果

$16.90 – $57.90

500g x 2 bags500g x 2 bags

How can we enhance macadamia to the next level?

That was the top question on our mind and we believe in using the finest, most premium ingredient - Abalone! The rich, unami, savoury taste of abalone combined with the rich, creamy, smooth texture of macadamia was the winning formula. Rest assured the abalone taste is not overbearing and great for people who likes savoury snacks.

 Ingredient: Macadamias, maltodextrin, salt, sugar, starch, shrimp powder, lactose, soy sauce powder, chilli, abalone flavour

Country of origin: Singapore

 Highest amount of healthy fats that can lower cholesterol and also contains antioxidants. Rich source of Manganese, Vitamin B1*

*Rich source is defined as more than 50% of daily allowance in 120g as specified by AVA. Manganese boosts bone structure and metabolic activity. Vitamin B1 is needed in energy metabolism. Nutrition content taken from USDA Food Composition Databases. 


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