Halloween Pumpkin Seeds (Raw/Baked) 200g/1kg 南瓜子

$6.90 – $27.90

Baked without saltBaked without salt
500g x 2 bags500g x 2 bags

Do these pumpkin seeds taste like pumpkin?

Not at all except for the slight sweetness with its bite. Eating these seeds raw is the most effective way to gain the super source of proteins and high amount of antioxidants. Alternatively, mix it with some salad or cereal for additional crunch and enjoy the mouth watering goodness. The surest way to your partner's heart is through their stomachs but be sure to snack healthy and keep their waistline slim.

Raw seeds have the most nutrition as they are not 'processed' and retains the most vitamins so you can eat these raw nuts as it is. If you do not want salt in your snacks but yet prefer better crunchiness, baked seeds are just for you.

 Raw pumpkin seeds: Ingredient: Pumpkin seedsonly. Country of origin: China

Baked pumpkin seeds: Ingredient: Pumpkin seeds, only. Country of origin: Malaysia