Chocolate Hazelnut Milk (Rude Health Organic) - 1/2/6 x 1L cartons

$8.90 – $39.90

1 x 1L1 x 1L
2 x 1L2 x 1L
6 x 1L6 x 1L

Hazelnut and Chocolate: a beautiful Italian couple.

It could only have happened in Italy. Hazelnut first met chocolate in Turin during the Napoleonic wars. Thrown together by fate, they were a dreamy combination. They first appeared as decadent little treats called Gianduja. Then they softened into a famous hazelnut and chocolate spread. Now there’s a new outrageous twist to their relationship, as we’ve been making them into a velvety drink, perfect for toasting the greatest Italian couple of all time. Pure nut mylk, no sugar added.

Ingredients: Spring water, organic rice, organic hazelnuts (2.6%), organic cacao (1.5%), sea salt

Made in London. Shelf life minimum 2 months. 

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