The finer things in life are ultimately more sinful and we need to indulge every so often to maintain our sanity. Health is important but so is happiness, so go ahead and have a cheat snack now and then. With chocolates, nougats, gourmet crisps and healthy drinks as a great accompaniment, bring on the party!

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      Party Chocolate Raisins 200g/1kg 巧克力葡萄干

      Chocolate almonds are great for adults but what about kids? Of course we will need to have chocolate raisins! For people who do not like crunchy snacks, these chocolate raisins are soft and not overly sweet. These mini bites taste so good, you can't help popping more than a few...

      Party Yoghurt Raisins 200g/1kg 奶酪葡萄干

      Chocolate raisins are great but if you are looking for something more creamy and milky, these yoghurt raisins are perfect for you.  The rich, silky smooth texture combined with the sweet raisins give the result of a healthy yet decadent treats. A kid might reject real yoghurt but they will never reject these...