Brainy Pecans (Raw/Baked) 200g/1kg 胡桃 (生/烘培)

$13.90 – $49.90

500g x 2 bags500g x 2 bags

Don't you think pecans are shaped just like our brains?

The unique colour and shape makes them cousins of walnuts and look like the shape of our brains. Even the taste is similar to fresh walnuts, but with a stronger earthy taste and without the bitterness that some people might come to associate with walnuts. They are usually eaten raw for maximum health benefits or used for baking, most commonly in pecan pies. If you like walnuts, you will definitely like these pecans that are rarely sold elsewhere. 

If you are looking to at unprocessed nuts, raw pecans would be suitable and they can be directly eaten as snacks. For snacking, baked pecans will be the best!  

All natural flavour, no additional ingredients

 Ingredient: Pecans only

Country of origin: USA (Raw pecans), Singapore (Baked pecans)



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