Gourmet Nuts

Announcing gourmet nuts for the snackers! These flavoured nuts are addictive and crunchy, some of them are even made-to-order, which means they are only produced whenever you place an order. It's a premium range, and we have the unique flavours that are not found elsewhere. Try some honey flavoured or the more adventurous wasabi, satay and abalone. The gourmet nuts have an enhanced level of natural nutty goodness!

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      Shiok Wasabi Green Peas 200g/1kg 芥末绿豆

      What's up bae? We have never loved green peas in fried rice, but surprisingly, it is ultra delicious as a crispy snack! Not to forget the wasabi taste that is not too spicy but covers up the after taste of the green peas perfectly. The wasabi flavour is amazingly yummy...

      Satay Broad Beans 200g/1kg 沙爹扁豆

      Legumes are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, protein and fiber, but what exactly are legumes? Broadly speaking, they are beans and peas. Besides black beans and green peas, broad beans also fit into this category. They are the seeds of plants and an ideal meat substitute for the proteins content....