Nihon Japanese Peanuts 200g/1kg (Original/BBQ/Tori/Ebi/Coconut) 日本花生

$6.90 – $30.90

500g x 2 bags500g x 2 bags
Tori (Chicken)Tori (Chicken)
Ebi (Shrimp)Ebi (Shrimp)

These Japanese coated peanuts originated from Mexico but we usually know them as Japanese peanuts due to the widespread availability in Japan!

Coated with a thick coat of flour before frying them, the result is a sweet, crunchy, slightly salty taste of gourmet peanuts not found in other snacks.

Original version: It is added some paprika taste to give them extra kick and infinitely better taste. Ingredients: Peanuts, sugar, seasoning (garlic, chilli, lactose, paprika extract (E160c)), vegetable oil and salt.

BBQ version: Slightly spicy, with a boost of oomph and very addictive. Ingredients: Peanuts, wheat flour, glutinous rice flour, sugar, seasoning (onion, garlic, pepper, chilli, soybeans, non-dairy creamer), salt, palm oil, turmeric (E100(ii)) colouring, artificial colouring (Sunset yellow FCF (E110))

Tori (Chicken) version: It is salty but milder than the BBQ version. Ingredients: Peanuts, wheat flour, glutinous rice flour, sugar, soy sauce powder, salt, non dairy creamer, spice powder, palm oil

Ebi (Shrimp) version: Taste like seafood and belacan but without the spiciness. Ingredients: Peanuts, wheat flour, glutinous rice flour, sugar, shrimp, onion, garlic, white pepper, soybeans, shrimp powder, non dairy creamer, salt, palm oil, sunset yellow FCF (E110).

Coconut version: Healthy and refreshing coconut taste! Ingredients: Peanuts, wheat flour, sugar, palm oil, salt, coconut cream

Country of origin: Thailand