Our uniquely flavoured collection of gourmet of nuts, granola and assortment. We defy the classics and enhance their taste for snacking! You can get sweet ones to go with your afternoon tea and coffee or the savoury ones to go with your beer and wine. Up to your choice!

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      Supreme Hearty Medley (Baked almonds, cashew, walnuts, cranberries, macadamias, pistachio kernels) 200g/1kg 营养坚果混合

      Introducing our supreme range of assorted mixes! What's included are the more expensive baked macadamias and pistachio kernels, which are deeply satisfying as they cost cheaper than if you buy them individually! Even better that you can enjoy the popular almonds cashew and walnuts together. There are no preservatives added and...

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      Supreme Popular Medley (Baked Almonds, roasted cashew, baked macadamia, pistachio kernels) 200g/1kg 四大天王混合

      Introducing our supreme range of assorted mixes! These nuts are the 4 heavenly kings of the nuts world because they are the most popular - Almonds, cashew, macadamia and pistachio kernels! The crunchiness of the baked almonds, the sweetness from roasted cashew, the creaminess of baked macadamia and flavour from baked pistachios kernels are...

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      Berry Beany Medley (Raisins, beans, seeds, goji berries, pistachios, almonds) 200g/1kg 果豆混合

      Legumes are plants that produce seeds enclosed inside pods, which are two halves of an outer casing. They are very healthy food because of their low fat content, high fiber and proteins. In this mix, we have soy, green and black beans together to form a crunchy base for a snack. Together with...

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      Trail Medley 200g/1kg (Figs, raisins, baked cashews, almonds, pistachio kernels) 果仁混合

      Trail mix is a combination of snacks usualy nuts and dried fruits to bring along during hikes to replenish your energy. They are convenient, light and easy to bring along yet deeply satisfying. Due to popular demand, we have added it here just for you!  No MSG, trans-fat or preservatives...

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