Our uniquely flavoured collection of gourmet of nuts, granola and assortment. We defy the classics and enhance their taste for snacking! You can get sweet ones to go with your afternoon tea and coffee or the savoury ones to go with your beer and wine. Up to your choice!

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      Fruity Veggie Medley (Apples, bananas, jackfruits, taros, sweet potatoes, long beans, mushrooms, lady's fingers) 150g/700g 果菜混合

      Can't decide which snacks to try? Then opt for the fruits and vegetable mix which has everything! Crispy, refreshing and not found anywhere else because they are painstakingly sourced from sunny Taiwan. Great for snacking and ideal for vegetarian friends too!  No MSG, trans-fat or preservatives added  Ingredients: Apples, bananas, jackfruits,...

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      Shiok Wasabi Green Peas 200g/1kg 芥末绿豆

      What's up bae? We have never loved green peas in fried rice, but surprisingly, it is ultra delicious as a crispy snack! Not to forget the wasabi taste that is not too spicy but covers up the after taste of the green peas perfectly. The wasabi flavour is amazingly yummy...

      Satay Broad Beans 200g/1kg 沙爹扁豆

      Legumes are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, protein and fiber, but what exactly are legumes? Broadly speaking, they are beans and peas. Besides black beans and green peas, broad beans also fit into this category. They are the seeds of plants and an ideal meat substitute for the proteins content....

      Healthy Medley (Baked macadamias, green melon seeds, chickpeas, cranberries, raisins) 200g/1kg 健康混合

      The most colourful trail mix! Seeing the mix of white macadamia, green melon seeds, red cranberries and yellow grams and raisin, this mix truly looks appetizing and enticing. It's great for health, tasty and they also have a great amount of vitamins, proteins and dietary fiber.  Ingredients: Macadamias, green melon...

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      Berry Beany Medley (Raisins, beans, seeds, goji berries, pistachios, almonds) 200g/1kg 果豆混合

      Legumes are plants that produce seeds enclosed inside pods, which are two halves of an outer casing. They are very healthy food because of their low fat content, high fiber and proteins. In this mix, we have soy, green and black beans together to form a crunchy base for a snack. Together with...

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