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      Diamond Diced/Sliced Almonds (Raw) 200g/1kg 生杏仁片

      Do you like to eat some snacks every day but are afraid of gaining weight? Do you want to take more nutritious food to prevent cancer and other illnesses? Do you need more antioxidants to delay the lines and wrinkles on your face? Almonds are the perfect answer for you because they contribute...

      Silky Smooth Peanuts (Raw without skin) 200g/1kg 生花生

      Of course you don't describe peanuts as silky smooth. Those rounded, salty peanuts that are ubiquitous as appetisers are not the same! These are raw, without additives and can also be used to make peanut butter. Now, you understand the term silky smooooooooth!  All natural flavour, no additional ingredients  Ingredient:...