Corporate Gifts

Corporate events, birthday celebrations, parties, seminars, trainings, meetings, or just plain tired of the same old boring snacks? Give these colourful, tasty and healthy snacks away to your guests and wow them with a variety of flavours! 

Step 1: Decide based on budget. Step 2: Make payment. Step 3: Contact us for customisation of labels or gift cards.

1. 25g party packs - $1 to $2
2. 95g gift packs - $3 to 4 
3. Custom 150g – 200g snacks - $5 to $7 per kraft paper bag
4. 25g or 95g in paper bags - At least $9.90 per bundle
5. Snacks and drinks box or All Snacks box - At least $16.90 per box

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