Snack Glass Bottles 送礼玻璃瓶装

$2.00 – $2.50

Short Bottles (Price exclude nuts)Short Bottles (Price exclude nuts)
Long Bottles (Price exclude nuts)Long Bottles (Price exclude nuts)

Nuts and old school biscuits as gifts? A very novel and refreshing idea. Not only that they look presentable and premium, they are healthy and tasty too! 

As gifts, you may want something more presentable than zip lock bags. Introducing the glass bottles that are great for events, giveaways and corporate gifts. 

Label customisation

You can customise the wordings and even the whole label, at no extra cost. Please allow 1 - 2 weeks lead time for us to design and print your labels. Customisation only for 100 bottles and above.

Mix and match

You can always mix and match to choose different snacks. The bottle dimension will change accordingly to your quantity. We do have a wide range of bottles to accommodate your customisation.

In our pictures:

Short bottle - 6.5 cm (diameter) x 8 cm (height) – 80g nuts

Long bottle - 5 cm (diameter) x 14 cm (height) – 100g nuts (Full to the brim)

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