Nuts & Fruits 95g Gift Packs 10/50/100 bags 坚果送礼小宝

$40.00 – $1,500.00

10 bags ($4/bag)10 bags ($4/bag)
20 bags ($4/bag)20 bags ($4/bag)
30 bags ($4/bag)30 bags ($4/bag)
40 bags ($4/bag)40 bags ($4/bag)
50 bags ($3.50/bag)50 bags ($3.50/bag)
60 bags ($3.50/bag)60 bags ($3.50/bag)
70 bags ($3.50/bag)70 bags ($3.50/bag)
80 bags ($3.50/bag)80 bags ($3.50/bag)
90 bags ($3.50/bag)90 bags ($3.50/bag)
100 bags ($3.25/bag)100 bags ($3.25/bag)
500 bags ($3/bag)500 bags ($3/bag)

Party and pantry organisers, we hear you! We know you have been asking us for bigger bag size as gifts packs and you will need something more presentable than a small party pack size. Introducing the 95g gift packs size that are not too big and a great size for goodie bags, giveaways and corporate gifts.

Variant Dimension Price (10 - 100 bags)*
25g Nuts Party Packs 9 x 13cm $2 - $1.35
95g Nuts Gift Packs 12 x 20cm $4 - $3.25
30g Biscuits Party Packs 11 x 18cm $1.90 - $1.05

 *Nett prices listed, shipping and customised labels are free of charge.  

Label customisation (Minimum 50 bags)

Complimentary design and printing of all standard sized (rectangular) customised labels + pasting on the packs. Custom shapes available at additional charges. Please allow 1 - 2 weeks lead time for us to custom make your order. 

Mix and match

Each pack is at least 95g of only 1 flavour. Our standard flavours consist of the 4 listed below. For example: 100 bags would give 25 bags each of the following flavours:

Sweet Mustard Soya Crisps (20g only as they are bulky) 
Juicy Apricots 

You can also specify 1 flavour for all bags or change to the additional flavours listed in the drop down box, up to 4 flavours. For snacks of more than $40/kg such as macadamias, you will need to top up a small amount.

Other snacks

We can also pack these snacks into the party packs. Enquire with us for these interesting flavours! 


For individual snack boxes, you can take a look at the listing here: Custom snack boxFor customised weight and flavours, do call us at 6684 1769 or email us at for more details. 



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