Spicy Murukku Fries 150g/600g 辣味姆鲁古饼

$4.90 – $12.90


In our multi-racial country Singapore, it's common for people to purchase snacks that originate from different countries. 

Many people actually like murukku so much, they have it for all seasons, not just during Deepavali! Papadums are very popular as they are included when you order nasi briyani, but murukku crackers are actually the top favourite Indian snack! These spicy murukku pack a punch and definitely leave you wanting more.

Ingredients: Dal flour, rice flour, chilli powder, vegetable oil, green peas, curry powder (chilli, clove, cumin, turmeric, cinnamon), monosodium glutamate, E102 colouring

Country of origin: Singapore



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