Satay Sunkissed Cashew 200g/1kg 沙爹腰豆

Satay Sunkissed Cashew 200g/1kg 沙爹腰豆

Flavour: Satay
Weight: 200g
500g x 2 bags
$10.90 $8.90
Product description

We guarantee this is the most unique flavour of cashew nuts!

Not just with plain roasted, the garlic flavour added to the coated cashew nuts gives off a fragrant and powerful aroma that is confirmed to make you drool. With the coated layer, it's extra crispy and crunchy, perfect for diet-fail days. Warning: Highly addictive!

Ingredients: Cashew nuts, flour, sugar, garlic, salt, vegetable oil

Country of origin: Singapore


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