Sundried Persimmons 200g/1kg 柿子干

$8.90 – $25.90

500g x 2 bags500g x 2 bags

Have you ever seen rows and rows of persimmon hung out to dry?

It's quite a sight in Taiwan, China and Korea as they catch some sunshine. The taste is full of the natural fruity honeyed texture yet remain moist on the inside. 

Do not wash off the white dusting on the outside as it is not artificial white sugar! Rather, it is the natural sugar from the persimmons that crystallises on the surface during the drying process. They really come from the sunshine! 

 All natural flavour, no additional ingredients

 Ingredient: Dried persimmons only

Country of origin: China

Rich source of Vitamin C*

*Rich source is defined as more than 50% of daily allowance in 120g as specified by AVA. Vitamin C helps to repair and regenerate cells and protect against heart diseases. Nutrition content taken from USDA Food Composition Databases.


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