Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits 150g/600g/4.5kg 巧克力层饼

$4.90 – $39.00

1 tin (4.5kg)1 tin (4.5kg)

This is not a raisin biscuit. This is not a sandwich. However, it is incredibly similar to both.

Chocolate is layered within the biscuits itself and also in between the 2 layers of biscuits. The biscuit is still the main highlight with buttery flavour and crunchiness, and it is not overshadowed by the chocolate flavour. If anything, the chocolate embedded within actually brought out the fragrant taste of the crumbly biscuits. Sinfully delicious indeed!

No MSG, trans-fat or preservatives used

Ingredients: Wheat flour, modified food starch, palm oil, ammonium bicarbonate, cane sugar, salt, colouring (E102, E133)

Country of origin: Malaysia



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