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Nutritional information

What are the nutritional content of all the snacks?

Why should I eat nuts, seeds or dried fruits?

What is the daily intake limit?

Are our snacks Halal certified?

Which snacks are organic or suitable for vegans or vegetarians?

What snacks are suitable for pets?


Can I include a message in the snack box?

Can we do self collection or store pick up?

Can I arrange delivery on a specific day for birthdays / event dates?

Can I receive my snacks on the same day or at night?

What are the delivery charges and lead time?

Why are there small packets of samples in my delivery?

Storage and packing

How do you ensure freshness and maintain quality of your snacks?

Do you have any food licence?

What is the shelf life of the snacks?

How do I store the snacks to ensure freshness?

Can you do bulk orders, corporate gifts, wedding favours and other special requests?


How do I input the promotional code during check out?

How do I pay using PayNow?

Besides credit cards, what other payment methods do you accept?

Do you store any of our credit card details? How do we prevent a breach?


What are the countries you ship to?

How can I purchase in larger quantities?

Do you have a physical store? Where do you sell your snacks?

How to re-order snacks from my previous order?

What if I found that the package is unsealed or tampered with?


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